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BK Radio Repair

by 49er Communications

BK Radio Repair Services

49er Communication‘s Certified Repair Center takes excellent care of your Bendix King radio. We repair portable units, as well as dash and remote mounted units.

Your radio is a well trusted, necessary tool. Our expedited PDQ Repair and QA Inspection Program means that your handy talkie gets repaired quickly to minimize work disruptions. Each radio entrusted to our Certified BK Radio Repair Center gets the full TLC treatment and we’ll have it operational again in less than 10 days.

To learn more about the models we repair and levels of service, please view our BK Radio Repair Process page.

To get help in determining if you need to send us your BK Radio for repair, please walk through our BK Radio Troubleshooting Guide.

Immediate Help

We want to keep your radios in service and your downtime to an absolute mininum! Please feel free to use our BK Radio repair checklist, before taking your Bendix King radio out of service to send it in for repair. It could save you both time and money!

Value Proposition

Our BK Radio factory authorized repair center keeps your costs down by:

  1. Offering our services on a low tiered flat rate pricing structure.
  2. Providing our world famous PDQ turn-a-round time.
  3. Since our repair center is factory authorized our repairs will not void your warranty.

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